Learn how to draw, use watercolours and find your style with this travelling workshop.

Dates: TBA

Duration: 2 1/2 - 3 hours

What you will learn:

- How to use your materials to a point of confidence where you will feel comfortable using them after the workshop has ended.  There is nothing more distressing than art materials languishing in the back of a drawer.  Poor little materials.

- How to choose a view, find meaningful details and edit to create your artwork.

- Watercolour techniques such as creating washes, textures, depth through layering, mark making, colour mixing

-Basic, but FUN, colour theory.  It truly is exciting.

-How to find your style through line and colour choice.


What's in the awesome kit (should you want one of your very own):

Watercolour postcards, watercolour paintbrush (with refillable barrel), pencil, ink pen, watercolour paints, nifty tin to carry the aforementioned


Class set up:

We will meet at a coffee shop to introduce ourselves and become acquainted with your lovely art supplies.  You can either bring your own (it's best if these are portable, no putting up of massive easels for this class) or choose a kit that I have created for you.  After having a brief talk about how to use your materials, a little watercolour demo, followed by an interesting and concise chat about basic colour theory, we will venture out, or stay in, depending on the weather.  There are many views to choose from in this gorgeous city; we could find ourselves at the Botanics, on Blackford Hill, sitting in The Meadows or ogling the fine interiors of one of many galleries or museums.  

As the classes will be small, there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions, seek guidance, rip it up and start again, and refine your artworks.


£50 per person, paid upfront through Eventbrite. Class sizes up to 5 people.

Kits are an additional £20 which you get to keep.  Lucky you! If you already have materials and want to use those instead, please bring them to the workshop.

There are discounts available for birthday, wedding, stag, hen, whatever parties.  Please ask for details mail@cassandraharrison.co.uk

*Kits are non-refundable. Cancellations are refundable up to 1 week before the day.  If you cannot attend the class you have booked, we can choose another date to transfer your booking.


About your instructor:

Which is me.  I have had over 15 years teaching experience, working within primary and secondary schools as well as delivering workshops using a variety of materials and techniques.  GSOH, likes walks on the beach and am open to music suggestions should you have any. I have been working as a professional artist since graduating from art school almost a hundred years ago.