Cassandra I will not do this in third person. Very simply, I love to create artwork, experimenting with textures, textiles and printmaking. As my friend says, I have joined in 'the war against ugly' with my small creations. My background: I am from Nebraska. I love that prairie state, those tornado crushed grain silos and the agonizingly hot summer days. It was during my long hot summer breaks that I began to take my art seriously and would spend evenings and weekends drawing, sketching, adding colours to things, drawing on my trainers, scribbling, doodling and even setting up still life displays to draw. Honourable Mentions, Silver Keys, and Gold Keys were won out of this constant act of creating. After graduating from uni with honours in Fine Art and Art Education, I visited the teaching circuit for two years then moved to the UK. With a slew of commissioned art pieces, an illustrated children's book and my own business feeding my creative urges, I finally decided to commit some of this making out-put onto art for walls. My current city of residence has been great inspiration for my textile and print creations. Old and new architecture, interesting views and the steep hills and layers to the city have provided me with much to work with and interpret in my particular style. In contrast, I am only just now realising how the wide open fields, forever skies and strong sturdy structures of grain elevetors and water towers on the plains of my youth have influenced my current body of work. *******************************************************

In 2009 I embarked on an amazing journey to find out more about my ancestry, beginning in Devon, moving to the Midlands, then the family's journey to the states. After having lived in the UK myself for a number of years, I have had a chance to consider life both here and across the ocean. From living in a land of extremes, to moving to a place that either feels like Spring or Autumn but never quite touches Winter or Summer, there sometimes seem to be more differences than similarities. My project, The Connecting Thread - a personal psychogeography, touched on these subjects and more, winding its way from Devon to Nebraska then landing in Newcastle. For more information please visit